iFoosball HD

I have just lost half an hour of my life completely engrossed in iFoosball HD for the iPad.

iFoosball HD

The game itself is takes me back to a happy place when I had time to spare on one hand, and a pint in the other, so there’s an instant feel-good-factor here.

They have done a sterling job on the game play, I’ve managed to pull of some canny shots on goal off various walls and edges, just like I used to down the pub!

Quick list of the Features:-

  • Real 3D graphics
  • Moving camera effects
  • Game control by touch, tap and tilt.
  • Four levels of difficulty
  • Adjustable time limit and the number of goals to win the game
  • Selectable three or four rows of players
  • Player uniforms’ color selection
  • Bonus Bullet-Time mode to steer the ball by tilting the device
  • Bonus Super-Ball mode where accelerated ball goes through the players
  • Horizontal and vertical layout!!! (I preferred to horizontal by the way, much easier to see up and down the field!)
  • Spin the players by flicking
All told, this is a little gem and worth the few pennies it costs (£0.69 by the way…!)