Because we may – BIG game sale on Google Play

Because we may   BIG game sale on Google Play Starting earlier today, several developers have got together to celebrate the fact that they can set their own pricing when selling their wares online.

The end result is that there are many games that have gone onsale with same rather big titles included.

We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games. Why? Because it allows us to promote our games more freely, as we are doing here! We rely on the ability to promote our games for our livelihood and control over pricing is an important tool for this purpose.

For the last week of May (May 24 through June 1) our games will be deeply discounted to celebrate online stores that give us control over pricing: The App Store, Google Play, Steam, and a few others.

Titles such as Fieldrunners HD, World of Goo, Cogs  and Bag It! are on offer along with many others.

For the full list of Android games, head over to Because We May and bag yourself a bargain or two!