Price increases on Three – Customers informed

Price increases on Three   Customers informed

Times are hard, there’s a recession on and prices have risen. Three have now started increasing the cost of some plans and this morning Liam received an email about his £35-a-month plan…

From 16 July 2012 we’re changing our prices and putting up your monthly bill by 3.6%. This means that from 16 July 2012 you’ll see an increase of £1.25 and your new monthly charge will be £36.25 per month. The rise is in line with inflation.

Their website has more details on this and Three state that their plans still represent “excellent value for money”. It’s not affecting everyone either…

If you joined Three on or after 8 March 2012, or you’re on a 1-month SIM Only, Business or Pay As You Go plan, this price increase won’t affect you.

If this affects you, you’ll get a text, email or letter between 21 May and 1 June to let you know exactly how much your monthly bill will be going up by.

Get more details on the link below. If you’re affected by this and want to make yourself heard, get in our forum or leave a quick comment below..

Link – Three
Credit – Liam Harper

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  • Still less of an increase than the 4.34% Orange raised their plans by in January

  • Charlie

    I actually don’t think they should increase the monthly tariff at all.  We signed up for a certain amount per month and that’s what we should pay.  If they can’t afford it they shouldn’t offer it.  If they make massive profits, do they come to me and “we have done well this year Mr…. so we are going to reduce your monthly payment by £1.25″……. I don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    t-mobile played this game a few weeks ago too, just after i’d signed a 24 month contract. perhaps they don’t understand the meaning of the word contract these companies. that and t-mobile’s really crap signal switching with orange means after 6 really happy years with them they are now infected with the orange crapness bug!

  • Dmcclymont

     I believe that this is a breach of terms, under UK law you can terminate the contact without penalty..