Are Windows Phones really outselling iPhones in China?

Are Windows Phones really outselling iPhones in China?

You may have seen this appear on other sites around the web recently. We chose not to mention it, but I’ll sum up. From what we can make out, the news that Windows Phones were stomping all over iPhones in China came from Microsoft CEO Michel van der Bel. He confidently told Dutch business publication “Emerce” that..

We’ve only just begun.

He also gave figures showing that Windows Phone had grabbed a 7% market share just 2 months after launching – beating the 6% iPhone share.

However, Microsoft have been accused of spreading “lies” with some sites stating that it’s a “totally untrue story”.

We saw the story a few days ago but it really didn’t compute. If Windows Phone had managed to gobble up a 7% market share in China during the first 2 months, there should surely be more evidence – stories of stores selling out, queues and big Press Releases telling us all about it. We didn’t see any of this.

Also, the Chinese iPhone market share figures just don’t stack up with earlier details. Have a look at these figures from Canalys, they show that the iPhone actually has a 19% market share in China. That’s 19%.

Even with a pretty big margin of error, I don’t see Windows Phone having a 7% share while the iPhone has just 6%. It just doesn’t sound right, and I’m a little confused by this whole thing. If it’s “bending of the figures” to make Windows Phone seem more successful, it’s once again failed. Failed big time.

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