Samsung Galaxy SIII Pre-orders Top 9 Million

Samsung Galaxy SIII Pre orders Top 9 Million

An interesting facet of the Samsung SIII hype before the official launch of the “New Galaxy” was the use of sheep.  It was said to be an attack on users of the iPhone and how the flock is followed.

Well, it seems to have paid off and a new flock has been created for the pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy SIII have hit the 9 million mark.

This is the highest amount for any new gadget launch ever.  The iPhone 4s sold 4 million units in its first 3 days.

As a comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S2 took 6 months to sell 10 million handsets.

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    Dosent seem a little high even if it was supposed to be the best phone ever made ??????

    the numbers don’t add up to me i would expect them to be around the 4 to 6 million even at a push .. with them numbers everyone would have one  …i hope thats not just a number there planning to build and is a stock number..