Sony ICS Updates Update!

Sony ICS Updates Update!Posts made on the Sony Xperia blog today reveal the latest information regarding Ice Cream Sandwich being released for both the UK versions of the Sony Tablet and the much vaunted Sony Xperia S.

The Sony tablet rollout will start on 31st May with the Xperia S slated for the latter part of quarter 2.

Sony have urged caution with the update citing issues with memory and database handling with the  Ice Cream Sandwich OS and ensuring that users have to connect their handset or tablet to the Sony desktop software before any update can take place.


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  • Eeeeron

    That seems to be wrong information, the tablet s already has ics. The Xperia S being late q2 is a big slide from the late May/early June posted last week.

  • Jimbo

    I gave up waiting for the Xperia Pro update and went down the CyanogenMod route. So much of an improvement – and it’s not even a stable release!

    I don’t understand how companies can take something, make it worse, and then force it on customers. Shame Sony do such nice hardware…

  • Apple has pushed out two updates for about a month and a half…this ICS is so anticipated but many wait for it