O2 Start DC-HSDPA 42Mbs Rollout

O2 UK have just started rolling out new DC-HSDPA across their network with speeds up to 42Mbs possible.

This is NOT LTE which is 4G but a step in the right direction.

O2 Start DC HSDPA 42Mbs Rollout

A spokesman for O2 yesterday confirmed to me it has kicked off a rollout of DC-HSPA to “major UK cities”. He was unable to specify exactly which cities are getting the upgrade first, but London, Birmingham and Manchester are likely candidates.

“We have begun rolling it out across the UK — starting with major cities,” he said.

 Link: CNET
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  • Andy

    Waste of time if you ask me, with DC-HSDPA you’ll use their 500mb and 1gb limits up in no time, and if you’re “unlimited” their 4.5gb limit will be gone pretty quick too as you take advantage of the speed.