EU Vote For Mobile Roaming Rate Cap

EU Vote For Mobile Roaming Rate Cap

There is some good news for smartphone users that travel throughout the European Union today as the European parliament voted to place a cap on the cost of mobile roaming charges.

To take effect from July, the rates are to be limited to 24p per minute for calls and 58p per megabyte for data.

The cuts are part of the EU’s strategy in order to place a balance between domestic and international rates for mobiles, with a target of equilibrium by 2015.  There are also plans in place to allow the user to pick which network they wish to roam with rather than be restricted to the network chosen by your home operator.

“In addition, from July 2014, consumers will be able to choose an operator other than their national operator for roaming services. The new rules will also help to open up the market to new entrants and so increase competition.”

The cuts will mean an end to the so-called “shock bill” where the user returns home from abroad to a massive bill due to roaming charges that they were unaware of.

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