Skross World Travel Adaptor with Twin USB review

I was preparing to go on holiday the other week. As always I end up with a big pile of phone chargers, camera chargers, mp3 player chargers, my wifes proprietary cables for her antiquated phone and sometimes even the charger for one of my tablets. It always soon becomes a big tangled mess that must look great when they xray my bags.

I thought to myself, I wonder if there is a usb charger with different heads for different countries. After a bit of fishing around the web I found the Skross World Travel Adaptor. The charger is designed for use in the US but luckily they have included an extra piece of kit that lets you use it all over the world, you can even use it in the UK. The charger itself has two USB ports on it. So yes you guessed it, you can charge two devices at once.

A lot of the time we get to our hotel room somewhere in Europe only to find that we only have one spare socket in our room. Having to charge phones and cameras becomes a bit of juggling event. I’m left with the choice of whether to unplug the tv or mini bar to get another plug socket. The holiday soon becomes a complicated device charging nightmare.

This time though all I had to take with me was a micro USB cable, a mini USB cable and we were done, oh and her charger. I had planned to charge my Transformer Prime using this but the power output just wasn’t high enough, which was a shame. Although it could have been the proprietary Asus cable. I guess there is only so much you can do with one plug. Charging two phones at the same time was a doddle though. You even get a nice illuminated red band around the charger to show you when something is connected to the charger.

At £17.95 I felt it was a little expensive but having used it this time I was away no doubt many times in the future I will soon get over the initial cost. It also saves me having to find those foreign plug adaptors I lose every time we come back from holiday.

The Skross Adaptor is available from Mobilefun here.