Mobile phones might not melt your brain .. yet

Mobile phones might not melt your brain .. yet

In the continuing saga of “does it or doesn’t it” cause harm, there’s a report today showing “no evidence” that mobile phones cause harm to health. The details come from the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA), with scientists concluding that there was no link between mobile use and cancer, brain function or infertility.

The Agency effictively stated that, because of WiFi, TV, radio, smart meters, Bluetooth and other broadcasting systems, you’d have to sit in a lead-lined box to remove all exposure to low-level radio frequencies.

There’s still not a great deal known about long-term risks and they are advising that children shouldn’t use mobiles for extended periods.

So, it’s still “too early to tell” what the long-term consequences are. Could mobile phones be the same as cigarettes in 20 years time? Do you feel safe on the second floor of a building with a mobile mast pointing straight at you?

The story has already prompted strong feedback on the related BBC news item, including this comment…

Not sure if they are harmful, but they’re sure doing a fine job of making people illiterate and socially inept. I swear most would have a seizure if you took their phones away.

Hmm.. so what are your thoughts on this?

Link – BBC