Blackberry OS10 to make its debut in October?

Blackberry OS10 to make its debut in October?The troubled smartphone maker RIM has slated October for its make or break release of BB10, the new operating system based on the best parts of QNX that powers the Playbook and BB7 which is currently on the Bold series.

 RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, has stated we’ll see a BlackBerry 10 device by “later half of 2012″

There has already been much speculation with the rumoured Blackberry London, however whether this will be enough to tempt people away from either Android or iOS remains to be seen.

One thing for certain is that Blackberry are going to have to up their game in terms of handset specification and image if they are to succeed, compete or even carry on as a major player meaning BB10 will have to be quite special.