A new and improved Coolsmartphone

A new and improved CoolsmartphoneI’ll fess up. I’ve taken quite a bit of heat these last few weeks. However, after facing the possible closure of the site just a few weeks ago, I saw how quickly you guys rallied around and helped us out. Right then, more than ever, It brought into sharp focus how important you guys are.

During that time I spent a lot of time dealing with emails and I kept seeing the same topic popping up again and again.

The forum.

You may remember how this was closed down after we switched to WordPress and took on the Disqus commenting system for feedback on news items.

However, what has become clear is that you guys still want a place to start your own conversations, to ask your own questions outside of our own daily news items and to help others.

If I’m honest, there’s plenty of forums on the web and we’re taking a bit of a risk by effectively hitting the reset button and starting from scratch. We’ve decided to take a slightly more simplistic approach. There’s not a myriad of sub-forums and categories for every phone, tablet and gadget out there. It’s an inviting and comfortable place to get advice and guidance.

Starting from a fairly empty forum is always a challenge, so we’ve got a crack team of people ready and waiting to help and respond to your posts.

To access our new forums just go to forum.coolsmartphone.com or hit the new “Forum” link above. It’ll adapt quite nicely on your mobile device too. When things get going we’ll look at using a whizzy system to integrate news from the main site here so you can fire comments directly across to the forum.

I’d also like to announce a little re-launch and the introduction of our new logo. This has been created by the immensly talented Sara Raybould and I want to thank her and heartily recommend her work, visit her site if you’re after any graphic work done. We’re going through a transition phase at the moment so expect the logo to change in size a little soon.

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winner of this weeks HTC Mozart, so good luck if you entered that. Also, next Thursday, you’ll have heard about the rather huge Samsung “Next Galaxy” event in London. As usual, we’ll be on-site giving you the very latest events as it happens.

After everything that’s happened recently I really want to give something back to you guys. This is just the start.

We have a brilliant team of people here at Coolsmartphone and a fantastic community on the other side of the screen too, I want to thank you all for your continued support. It really means a lot. So, come on, head over to forum.coolsmartphone.com or click the “Forum” link under our logo.

Link – forum.coolsmartphone.com

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  • Martin

    Hi Leigh, I know this change was somewhat forced upon you, I like it, for me the site is so much quicker to load than it used to be. It has a similar look, but slicker.
    Nice one,

    Martin :)

  • Anonymous

    I like the new logo :)

  • The Dunelmian

    That’s great news – the reason we all love coolsmartphone is the knowledge and understanding you guys bring into play in concise digestible chunks.
    If the new forums degenerate like some of the dross that is out there, then don’t be afraid to close them down again and go back to basics.

  • Dave Samworth

    Have you done the draw for the Mozart? I suspect you have and sure I’m not a winner but would be nice to officially know that I’m a loser! ;-)