New Facebook HTC phone on the way? Like?!

New Facebook HTC phone on the way? Like?!

“Sources” talking to Digitimes say that another Facebook phone is on the way. This time it looks like HTC and Facebook will be woven more tightly together too. HTC has already released phones with Facebook integration and dedicated buttons, such as the ChaCha, but it looks like this new model will…

..enable and integrate all functions available on the social networking site.

Could we be expecting a fully-branded Facebook phone, complete with Facebook logos and a big speaker telling everyone how great your life is? Perhaps a built-in projector to show your mates how crazy your night out was…

“OMG I wuz so mashed LOLZ. WTF am I doin with that traffic cone? LOLZ LOL”

…time will tell..

Link – Digitimes