Samsung lets slip the “S3” name ahead of launch

Samsung lets slip the S3 name ahead of launch

The big Samsung Unpacked event is now only days away in London but, until now, Samsung have only said that it’ll be launching the “Next Galaxy”.

Whilat we’ve all assumed this to mean the Galaxy S3 there’s been no confirmation from Samsung themselves. However, a companion app for the launch, available here, clearly has “S3” in the description.

Whatever happens now, it’s clear just how many people are waiting for this hot new device.

Link – Google Play
Credit – Android Police

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  • Anonymous

    Holding off on buying a Note until I see what this baby is like :)

  • SnarlingRabbit

    They’re just so big these days!

  • Bogstomper

    Is anyone else finding Samsung’s promotion of this a little, well, annoying?  So they pull it from MWC (presumably because they want the Olympic tie-up – fair enough), their advertising takes on a whiff of US election politics by trying to insult the competition and then they post the countdown to nowhere with more patronising, don’t follow-the-herd nonsense.  At which point their servers fall over.  Genius.

    My fundamental question is this – if this product is as good as a the hype, why not let it stand on its own? 

    I’ll admit to holding off on a HTC One X / S purchase until 3 May, but if it doesn’t make my socks roll up and down at that point it will be a while before I consider Samsung again…

    • Anonymous

      And those servers were Amazon Cloud boxes too !! :)

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you except on the pulling from MWC bit.  The whole announcing phones 4+months before they are released has to stop.  HTC got their one X out the door sharpish so it did the right thing going to MWC.  Same way Samsung did the right thing by not announcing there and having everyone wait months until release.  By the time its finally out its out it feels old news the industry moves so fast.

      Unless it launches with the new A15 exynos (highly unlikely at this point) I don’t expect any real surprises.  Which means I am leaning more towards the note.  However it would be stupid jumping the gun with only a week and half left, so I will wait…impatiently ;)

      The option to boot into stock ICS so I never have to look at that childish crap TouchWiz would be a deal clincher mind haha

      • Bogstomper

        The note is just too big for me but I see where you’re coming from.  I guess there’ll be a few decisions next week, which does beg the question, where is Apple…?  There will be a lot of people coming off 2 year deals on the iPhone 4 in June and the 5 is still chiefly a collection of rumours…

  • Maybe they know people are searching for info on the S3 and those tags are for SEO purposes?

  • Guest

    I’m sorry, but writing an article about the fact that “Galaxy S3” is found in the app’s search tags is lame. You make it sound like the name is clearly in order to get hits on this page. Well, you got me, and I feel cheated by your little trick. You must know very well, don’t you, that a search tag reflects nothing but Samsung’s knowledge that “S3” is the present name the consumer is using in his searches? This is not news. It is hot air.