Spotify for Android given a huge makeover

Spotify have announced plans to update their Android App to be more compliant with Googles new design guidelines. The result is a pretty nifty looking holo themed app that’s been built from scratch to fit in better with the rest of Ice Cream Sandwich. The app is still in beta form at the moment and needs to be sideloaded. The Play Store version is still the old design for the time being.

You can get the app directly from Spotify at the source link below. If you try it out let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Spotify for Android given a huge makeover

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  • Steve

    Absolutely fantastic! I love it. So many improvements, especially when searching for artist or track. Just a couple of things though; No way to delete offline content like there is in the current version under settings. Also the “Exit” option has gone Apart from that it is fantastic!.

    • Ezekiel

       You can “undownload ” a playlist click on the arrow on the right hand side of the playlist. That seems to work fine. As for exit yep cant see one either

      • Steve

        I know you can change the offline playlists but the feature to clear all cache and settings was great for fixing crashes and quicker than having to untick all the playlists.

  • JamesF

    Looks lovely, but no landscape mode (would be nice, especially on tablets) and the option to store dowloaded music on an external SD card seems to have been lost… a real lost opportunity with downloaded music taking up signifcant space.

  • Anonymous

    It’s taken a few months, but the ICS effect really seems to kicking in now with more and more beautiful Holo apps being released.