Larry Page says “Android isn’t critical”

It’s what many consider to be the biggest legal battle in the technology industry at the moment and it all kicked off this week. Oracle Vs Google are in dispute over the licensing and use of Java and whilst I’m not here to break down the legalities of the case there was an interesting quote posted by The Verge which has caused quite a stir. It relates to a question about whether Page feels Android was important to Google in 2010 he replied

“I believe Android was very important for Google. I wouldn’t say it was critical.”

Now whilst this is obviously a very telling thing for Larry Page to say, I think it’s important to remember the context of these statements. His company is currently being sued for damages and it benefits him to downplay the importance of the section of Google that is under fire. I suspect he is choosing his words very carefully here but there would be no reason for customers to worry about how important Android is to Google.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on any major developments in the case. The current expected schedule is 10 weeks so don’t expect a decision anytime soon.

Links – The Verge