Should we bring the forum back?

Should we bring the forum back?

Today we had an interesting discussion amongst the brilliant writers here at Coolsmartphone. It’s a discussion that is still going on now, and emails are flying around pretty quickly.

This got me thinking. I kinda miss the forum in a way. Discussions like the one we’re having via email don’t happen enoughon the site, and I’d like them to.

Don’t get me wrong, the commenting system we have here is great, but I’d like to guage opinion. Would you like to see the forum return?

Thanks in advance. ;)

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  • Anonymous

    As long as its heavily moderated. Too many decent forums allow e-tough guys to say whatever they want, whenever they want. I mod on AllAboutSymbian, and even a quiet site like that gets some horrible flame wars over nothing.

    And as for free for all site’s like Engadget…

  • Am

    4 YES’s LOL

  • the forum system is in need of a makeover! I strongly dislike forums because you have to scour though so much information to find an answer – if the system is tweaked I’d say not no

  • I am certainly in favour of forums. Slightly off topic, however, is there any possibility of having the Disqus comments included on the mobile versions of your articles. I like the mobile version for the speed of loading, but still find my self having to switch to desktop mode so as to view the comments. Ta. :)

  • Billinge

    I’m definately in favour of the forum returning.  I know how difficult it is to manage, with spam etc, but it’s so much easier to post a question or track old comments on subjects which inevitably pop up again from time to time.
    Moderation is the difficult issue though.

  • Angelahp

    I would love to see a British based forum for android please, and reflect UKJeepers comments.

  • Martin

    Yes please, even though I comment on a fair few topics, I would prefer a forum based system :)

  • Fozzer

    Being here from the beginning Orignal Orange SPV days
    Yes please….

    • Lee Marshall

      I still have mine in my draw next to me!

  • The_Prof

    Forums are great and annoying in equal measure, but a couple of years ago there was a definitive paradigm shift away from the forum toward the more discussion-style ‘blogs with comments’ around the interweb as a whole.  Forums went a bit out of fashion for a bit, that’s for sure. 

    However, forums give you functionality that the blog/comments things do not, and I’m actually seeing more and more sites go back to forums, and for good reason I think. 

    Forums certainly give a better sense of community than this style of site alone does.  Coolsmartphone has a great community of folks (proven by all the donations you got the other week), and I think most of us die-hard Coolsmartphone fans miss the forum.  I’ve certainly not visited quite as much since it went offline. 

  • Lee Marshall

    Definately yes but it needs to be integrated with the comments system imho. Ideally there would be a forum page for each news article with the comments listed. It would then be a lot easier to continue discussions about news items after they have dropped off the main page of the website. 

  • Andrew Nicholson

    Oh yes please! The forums were great. If you can keep them focussed and properly moderated though. As others have said, there are some other (“popular”) sites which are how not to do it.