Sony Ericsson Xperia ray gets ICS

Sony Ericsson Xperia ray gets ICS

If you’ve got yourself an Xperia ray, have a look for updates because ICS appears to have been delivered. Martin Frow tipped us off after getting a notification on his handset..

Just thought I’d let you know that I plugged my Xperia Ray into my PC this morning and the PC Companion software told me ICS was available. It’s all upgraded, the apps are all updating at the mo, so far it looks good :)

Let us know if your Xperia ray has received the delicious treat and what your thoughts are.

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  • Martin

    My Ray is still looking good on ICS. Appears to be smoother and swiping from page to page.
    Apps load nice and quickly.
    One thing to note….
    If you use a pin to lock on Gingerbread and like the slide to unlock / silent facility, you lose that with ICS.
    I have set up the face unlock, pretty cool, works really quickly (if you are at the right distance from the phone)
    A lot of people who have upgraded to ICS have been complaining about the loss of the slider & security functionality.

  • Paulym4

    Nothing showing for my Ray as of yet – no doubt network free first as I have an Orange branded handset…

    • Martin

      Mine was originally on O2 but has been network unlocked.
      I got the update via Sony using PC Companion.

  • Moo Moo Head

    It tells you all about the rollout here on the Sony Mobile Blog: 
    Looks like some of us (SE Arc) will be waiting much longer still…
    By the time it reaches us on the network branded phones, especially o2, it might be nearly 10months since it was presented by Google. Yawn…

  • i am from india ……..please let me know when can i expect the ics update for my xperia ray 

    • Arjun Gopal

      it has started

      • please let me know how to install

  • Danny (Croatia)

    Do not upgrade yet!!! Wait untill Sony releases next ICS-update because this one turns brilliant android-device in slow and poorly optimized smartphone! It tooks 4-5 seconds just to open dialer or contacts list. Trust me, I used SGS2, iPhone & LG Optimus Black, nevertheless I think Ray is the best out there but first ICS implementation from Sony is really bad. Check the forums, search the net and wait for the right moment because right now Ray runs perfectly on Gingerbread but on ICS it is… Frustration.

  • Siva Ganesh

    it works fantastic. very fast and smooth and the icons and fonts are crystal clear….you will lose that annoying side swipe to unlock and you can protect your ray with the pattern lock though. it looks so great…must have for allphone rays…

    dont listen to those stupids saying it is slow…they must have put so many apps inside occupying the phone memory..have at least 1oo MB phone memore free space, it will be very smooth.

  • shazeb saleem

    Well I have a Xperia Ray but when I go to pc companion it says my phone is upto date but it is still gingerbread what am I supposed to do?

  • shazeb saleem

    Why doesn’t my xperia ray update to ICS?