Android App Review – Demolition Inc THD

The other day we mentioned that Demolition Inc THD had been released onto the Play Store and I said that I would do a little review of it for you. Well yes here it is.

Demolition Inc is not like any other game I have ever played. The closest I could describe would be Reckless Racing crossed with a reverse sim city. Where instead of building a town you have to smash it up with little cars. You take the role of Mike an extraterrestrial in his UFO and Mike has won the contract to demolish various cities and clear up the rubbish.

In an increasingly popular format you play level and then you are awarded stars for the time taken and how well you completed the level. The more stars you get the more skills and levels you unlock. So no doubt at some point you will need to go back over the game and earn some more stars to progress further.

You may be wondering how a UFO would demolish a city. Well he would use patches of oil on the roads, patches of glue on the road, exploding cows, earthquake bombs, a sort of Jedi mind trick where you take over control of cars, ramps, anti gravity spots and a huge wrecking ball. The selection of methods available to you slowly grows as you progress through the game. You are only allowed to use each skill a certain amount of times in each level, so planning really becomes essential. Although you can collect extra items by smashing certain buildings.

Android App Review   Demolition Inc THDAndroid App Review   Demolition Inc THD

There are two game modes. A campaign mode where you slowly progress through each district destroying everything in your path and rampage mode which allows you to play through your unlocked levels with a large amount of weapons or skills available to you. It lets you go on a rampage and helps you hone your skills.

The physics in the game are really good, if you smash a car into the corner of a building you really don’t know if you have done enough damage to topple the building, you will see it wobble. You really have to plan out how you are going to wipe out a building beforehand. Which leads me onto combining skills and weapons. If you have a huge building to destroy you need to combine things. Surround the building with exploding cows and then smash a truck into them will really take a building down quickly. Similarly you can drive your car into a handily located petrol tank to destroy the building. There are a variety of different things you can trigger, for instance on level has a jcb parked up near a building, drive a car into the jcb and it springs to life and destroys the building.

Android App Review   Demolition Inc THDAndroid App Review   Demolition Inc THD

Every time you play a level it works out differently. You will spot something different that will help you clear the level. I found the game at times refreshingly difficult, it became like a brain training exercise, where you had to really work out what to do before just wading in and smashing stuff. Another nice touch about the game is that it worked on day one on Ice Cream Sandwich, a few games recently have come out without this compatibility.

The game is for Tegra devices only at the moment, the developers have said that non Tegra devices will work near the end of the month. The game play on my Transformer Prime was really good, no lag at all during the game. Load times between levels was a little longer than was fun. Before and after each level you have to wait for it to save info. Another annoying thing is Facebook and Openfeint integration. Upon loading the game for the first time it went straight into a Facebook login page. This integration does allow online scoreboards though and you can post your scores online and compete against you Openfeint friends.

Overall Demolition Inc THD is a great game if a little expensive. It is refreshingly different from a lot of the other games around at the moment and the Tegra optimisations make the game feel more realistic. Hopefully future updates will help with load times between levels. This game should easily keep your brain active for many hours.

If you have a Tegra device I would keep you eyes on the Tegra Zone app as it features some of the great looking upcoming games.

Android App Review   Demolition Inc THD Android App Review   Demolition Inc THD Android App Review   Demolition Inc THD Android App Review   Demolition Inc THD

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