HTC Wildfire C spotted?

HTC are said to be focusing their efforts on fewer devices this year. We’ve already seen the One Series, but now it looks like there’s another device on the way.

HTC Wildfire C spotted?

Pocketnow have got there hands on an image of what is said to be an upcoming device. It is going to be the successor to the HTC Wildfire S. It is codenamed HTC Golf and should be called the Wildfire C.

It is going to be running Ice Cream Sandwich and it is rumoured to have the following spec:

  • Five mega pixel aamera
  • Front facing camera
  • Single core processor
  • Sense 4.0
  • 3.5 Inch screen
  • 480×320 qvga screen
  • 512mb ram
  • 4gb storage
  • Micro SD slot

The Wildfire C will also have the extra Dropbox storage that the One range get. This will probably be a direct replacement of the current Wildfire S device that most network stock. But where does that leave the One V? The whole point of having the One range was that it would be ONE range with a few devices to suit all needs. Unless you wanted a hardware keyboard that is.

So what do you think of HTC deviating from the One range so quickly? Let us know.

Link – Pocketnow

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  • John

    James will you be doing a peace on HTC one chipping problem ?

    • There have also been GPS issues with early models…. 2 friends of mine one in the UK and one Amsterdam both had the same problem with the phone they picked up on release day.  Both have been replaced since…. plus there is the Modaco discovered ( Pauls very good ) problem with Sense been removed and a custom build put on battery life was increased…. 

      • wtf does one x minor bugs have to do with this article.

  • I dont give a rats ass

  • I believe this new Wildfire C is a direct response to the Huawei G300 as that device is very comparable to a HTC One V but is only 100 pounds compared to the HTC One V’s 250 pounds