Another joke charging app fools many

Another joke charging app fools many

Battery life is always a lot shorter than you’d like it to be, so when there’s a free app which lets you charge up your phone easily, many are prepared to believe. This time the app will apparently let you charge your phone merely by shaking it.

This is pretty similar to the solar charging app which purports to charge your phone with the help of the sun. Again there’s lots of people in the comments who have either magically got this working or want to fool everyone else into believing that this Android app somehow uses kinetic energy to charge your handset.

So, if you see someone hunched over, furiously shaking their phone up and down hard, then… Stay clear. They might be using this app.. or they might be up to something else. Either way, probably best to avoid them..

Update – It seems that there’s a few different “shake to charge” apps, take your pick if you want!

Link – Shake to Charge

Another joke charging app fools many

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    I’ve got the “piss on me to charge me” app and it works GREAT!  Every time my phone is running low, I simply urinate on it.  If I don’t need to go then I just find the nearest public toilet and ask kind men to wee on my phone.  It’s like a public charging station!