PC World knock down the Motorola Xoom this Easter

PC World knock down the Motorola Xoom this Easter

Simon has just given me a mail about a great Easter deal down at PC World. They’ve slashed £230.02 off the price, bringing it down from £479.99 to £249.97, and if you buy it now they’ll chuck in a £10 voucher too. Deal huh ?

The offer is on until Monday. It seems that the best way to get it is to have it delivered or reserve online, so click over to their site if you’re interested. The USA has already got their ICS update and the UK one has been promised in a month or so.

Got one ? Love it ? Hate it ? Let us know in the comments!

Link – PC World

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  • Steve

    I picked up one from Argos (online only) for an almost similar price a couple of weeks ago. For a tablet that has been available for a year already I have to say that it is still a very impressive bit of tech.

    • Anonymous

      Glad you think it’s impressive Steve, I just ordered one :-)

  • Ropot99

    I’ve had one since last June. I like it a lot now, not so much at first. The new 4.0 operating system was the best improvement. The hardware is excellent, android is great too, but why is it so throttled back in the Xoom. Anyway I rooted, and its now an incredible machine, most notably I can now make fully functional the micro SD card, and plug in an external SD card or drive(something no other other tablet can do). I like it much better than the iPad. Wifi is excellent too! Technically this is a way better unit than the iPad, Samsung, and others. Just needs tweeked to perform.

    • Anonymous

      been tweaking my galaxy tab to death for over a year so looking forward to playing with my xoom when it arrives :-)