Leaked photos of a Nokia Pureview Windows Phone

As is always the way devices always get leaked. Either by the actual device being left in a bar somewhere or a mysterious source somewhere or just a mobile network accidentally posting details online.

Well in China someone has got their hands on a presentation showing what looks to be that rumoured Nokia Windows Phone 8 device. You know the one that is rumoured to have the Pureview technology in. The same Pureview technology that is in the Symbian toting Nokia 808.

Leaked photos of a Nokia Pureview Windows PhoneLeaked photos of a Nokia Pureview Windows Phone

 As well as some images some rough specs have been leaked as well. 

4.3” curved glass screen with HD resolution 

41mp camera Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology 

1080p full hd recording 

Dual Core Processor with Adreno 320 GPU (rumoured to be Qualcomm S4) 

Windows Phone 8 

So all I can say is that I think this is a crazy concept design that will hopefully get redesigned many times before it eventually hits the market.

But I do like the spec increase that Windows Phone 8 will bring. The dual core chip wills top a lot of people saying Windows Phones are under powered. But will it be too late. Windows Phone 8 will probably appear at the end of 2012. But by then who will still be even vaguely interested with Windows Phone by then.

Especially after the huge marketing/propaganda campaign from Apple later on in the year for the iPhone 5 and after the huge fuss when the Samsung Galaxy S3 eventually appears. Will there be any potential smartphone purchasers left? 

What do you think of this? Is it going to be too late for Nokia? Is Windows Phone 8 going to be amazing? Should Microsoft just give up? Should Nokia just give up?

Source – Mobile.it168

Via – Androsym – Wmpoweruser


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  • Guest

    Apple propaganda? Wow.

  • Guest

    Whats with the constant downer on Windows Phone on this site? So it doesn’t have the app library of iphone or Android.

    Don’t forget where this site and many others started was with one or other versions of Microsofts mobile operating systems!

    • Me

       and it’s a shame they’ve done ‘too little, too late’ to be a contender…they coined the term smartphone and looks like they’ll lose to Android/iOS

      darned shame

  • Trevor

    There’s no such thing as “too little, too late” if you have deep pockets. You’re right, MS was late to the market, but Android was later than iOS and that still reached the top of the tree. There’s also plenty of room for new smartphone users and existing smartphone users looking for a new experience. Let’s face it, MS can afford to be patient to some extent. Also they are looking to markets that iOS and Android aren’t strong in yet.

  • Nokia

    I hope its fake because its ugly