Instagram alternatives for Windows Phone

So I jumped on the Android Instagram bandwagon the other day. Once I had it installed I thought to myself  “ooh I would love a nice metro version of this on my Lumia”. So rather ambitiously I headed over to the Windows Phone Marketplace. I found two apps that looked ok. Instacam and Metrogram.

Let me just point out that the api hasn’t been made available for developers so no third party app can actually post pictures to the service. Unfortunately once again Windows Phone is left behind waiting. But what I was impressed with was Instacam, you can basically do everything apart from post pictures. Which does seem rather pointless but for multi device people like me it worked.

Metrogram doesn’t let you log into your account. So I ruled that one out pretty quickly.

Instacam lets you log in, take photos, apply filters to existing photos, share them to plenty of other social networks, view any photos uploaded to your account, view your friends and followers pictures, comment on pictures, edit your profile, view popular images and search for pictures as well. Yes the app is definitely lacking one massive feature, but it certainly is handy having these functions on my Windows Phone. I can post a few pictures via an Android or iOS device and then later on in the day I can see if anyone has commented or just check out the feed. I don’t always just want to post pictures.

Here are a few screenshots for you.

Instagram alternatives for Windows Phone Instagram alternatives for Windows Phone Instagram alternatives for Windows Phone Instagram alternatives for Windows Phone

The one thing that Instacam for Windows Phone offers that none of the other platforms offer either is that you can pin tiles to your homescreen for individual users. As shown in the first screen shot. You can also pin various elements of the app as well, such as the photo editor.

So overall it is a pretty good replacement if you have a Windows Phone and you want to see what the fuss is about. You just can’t do the most vital part yet. It’s free as well so what have you got to lose.

Marketplace Link – Instacam