Ice Cream Sandwich update now on Orange-branded HTC Sensation XE too

Ice Cream Sandwich update now on Orange branded HTC Sensation XE too

We’ve had this picture sent in by Andy Lamb. His Orange-branded HTC Sensation XE has received the all-new Ice Cream Sandwich / Android 4.0 update too, so it looks like a lot of Sensation XE owners are getting it now.

Let us know if it’s arrived for you too :)

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  • Nothing but issues since the update on my Sim Free Sensation XE. The actual upgrade seemed to be seamless and perfect, but then I’ve suffered constantly with the dreaded overheat and then subsequent reboot of the handset. I’ve found that removing the SD Card stops the problem but obviously I have lots stored on that SD Card, as I’m sure others will have too. 

    Therefore I’m left with no option but to hard reset the phone and start afresh. Luckily I’ve managed to get a backup of my contacts and SMS so that’s ok. Just a pain in the neck really that this is occurring, and it seems browsing other forums I’m not the only one in this position. 

    • Gabriel

       Stuart, I’d like to reboot my Desire, but how did you backup your contacts and SMS?

  • Mark Lee

    IT seems Orange customer services don’t even know the update is live, talking to them this morning they seem to beleive that they haven’t released it and I must have got it from somewhere else?? lol