HTC One – Free fall photo shoot filmed for latest ad

HTC One   Free fall photo shoot filmed for latest adHTC have kicked off a rather massive campaign for their HTC One series. You’ll be seeing TV adverts featuring a guy jumping out of a plane with one and filming everything on a HTC One handset. Actually, it’s a little more than that… the advert features pictures and video being taken during the 126mph free fall… They’re filming a model, who’s getting some makeup applied during the jump.

If you’ve not seen the advert just yet, here it is…

There’s also a “behind the scenes” video ..

HTC One   Free fall photo shoot filmed for latest ad


– Campaign features model and champion skydiver Roberta Mancino, LA Times Stylist Hayley Atkins and Hollywood Costume Designer Martin Izquierdo –

To launch its new HTC One™ series, HTC, a leading global designer of smartphones, has put a consumer at the heart of its’ latest TV commercial by challenging one to capture the world’s first free fall fashion shoot on a mobile phone. The campaign, which kicks off in the UK on 5th April, is designed to push the boundaries of performance for the mobile handset and its camera capabilities by demonstrating that it is possible to capture great shots whatever the environment.

HTC Fan Snap Up Main Role in Shoot

To really bring the shoot to life, HTC challenged Nick Jojola, an amateur photographer, who had never skydived before to capture high production fashion imagery on the HTC One handsets whilst freefalling at 126mph. This not only delivered an unforgettable personal experience but it also created an amazing real-world product demonstration.

Filmed on location in Arizona, by skydiving cinematographer Norman Kent, the shoot features world champion skydiver and model, Roberta Mancino. Shot at dusk and dawn this complex and demanding advertising creative is designed to bring to life the simultaneous video and photo capture functionality and instant capture capabilities of the new HTC One™ handsets. Both the HTC One™ X and HTC One™ S challenge traditional digital compact cameras by delivering a range of features including high quality images even in low light conditions, instant image capture, auto focus, burst mode and backlight HDR technology and the ability to take stills from already shot HD video footage that operate effectively in both normal and adverse conditions.

The dive

This adrenalin-filled shoot, which took place over 35 jumps, featured a team of nine skydivers including our amateur photographer, who had never done any commercial photography before, let alone a free fall sky dive! The dive team also included key members of a high fashion photography crew such as lighting experts, mid-air make-up artists and divers carrying smoke machines to create that all important ‘hero shot’ 12,000ft above the ground.

The fashion

This sophisticated creative was styled by LA Times Stylist Hayley Atkin, who dressed Roberta in a Martin Izquierdo creation (renowned for a number of Hollywood costumes including the latest Spiderman outfit). In this instance, Izquierdo created a futuristic mirrored bodysuit, featuring 75 individual pieces of plexi glass, and a beautiful jacket with hundreds of oil slick coq feathers individually hand sewn to withstand extreme wind conditions. The outfit was completed with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heelless shoes. Hair and make-up stylist, Adam Breuchaud, was responsible for creating a look which could survive a 12,000ft fall at 126mph, which he achieved with a swept back ponytail, with dramatically dark eyes and nude lips.

The creative was developed by global ad agency Mother, and directed by Sara Dunlop of Rattling Stick Productions.

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  • I have to be honest this is one of the best phones ads I have ever seen. Well done Htc

  • Victoria Renard

    No photography student could afford to do this without his millionaire parents footing the bill. Make a realistic commercial that the rest of the world can relate to.

  • Alex

    Never understood this. If a photographer is going to go through all this trouble for a shoot he would use a dslr, phone cameras are only for if you dont have your SLR on you or are not a photographer.

    A real photographer would never use a phone for a shoot like this

  • Richard Lecours

    In the commercial, all the times I saw him holding the camera, his fingers were in front of the lens.  Bit of a fail there.  I guess this camera phone really IS amazing – I don’t know any other brands that can do that trick.

  • THE most obnoxious commercial I have ever seen, or heard.  I have to mute instantly when I see it’s gonna show.  What with the ah ah ah ah?

  • Bob

    What always Struck me was how calm the model was stepping out of the Plane.. Now I know lol

  • How can I view the stills and videos taken with the UTC One? Also, what is the setup used while free-falling? Was it in auto mode? And, was the commercial and the additional videos taken with conventional video gear or with UTC smartphones?

  • ch srinivas

    How to upload the photo.