Why I think Windows Phone is the future

Before I start I must express now that this article contains mostly opinion. Right, now that’s said we can continue. 🙂

I have had a lot of phones…. Blackberrys, an iPhone, Androids and even the short lived HP Pre3 (another time) but the newest bit of tech to grace my hands is the Nokia Lumia 800 and its the best user experience of any mobile device I’ve ever owned. For a start it’s clean and neater than that of iOS and while it is not as customisable as Android, it is customisable enough to be unique.

Functionality is all there – a great email client and superb social network integration. Sure, the app store is lacking but it’s growing (the only thing I’m missing is a mobile banking app). If you’re looking for mobile gaming then its unmatched really, I know iOS has more games but I mean c’mon Xbox achievements!

So given a little time to grow Windows Phone will be one of the big players in the mobile market.

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