Why I think Windows Phone is the future

Before I start I must express now that this article contains mostly opinion. Right, now that’s said we can continue. :)

I have had a lot of phones…. Blackberrys, an iPhone, Androids and even the short lived HP Pre3 (another time) but the newest bit of tech to grace my hands is the Nokia Lumia 800 and its the best user experience of any mobile device I’ve ever owned. For a start it’s clean and neater than that of iOS and while it is not as customisable as Android, it is customisable enough to be unique.

Functionality is all there – a great email client and superb social network integration. Sure, the app store is lacking but it’s growing (the only thing I’m missing is a mobile banking app). If you’re looking for mobile gaming then its unmatched really, I know iOS has more games but I mean c’mon Xbox achievements!

So given a little time to grow Windows Phone will be one of the big players in the mobile market.

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.Why I think Windows Phone is the future

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  • I remember when I had a Windows Phone 7 and I started off in love with it but then the bugs got more and more ridiculous.  Used it for 3 months then sold it at a loss and went running back to Android with my tail between my legs.  Will be a long time until I’m willing to go back to it unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      Fascinating, had a WP7 since launch and can’t honestly say I’ve been bothered by any issues. I know its not perfect… but then again nor is any other platform (to the extent that iOS and Android have copied WP7 features much as it built upon what they had already done). So without specifics?

    • Anonymous

      A droidiot always making up stories to discredit WP.

    • Mitch

      Once upon a time …. and then they lived happily ever after. The End. I love fairy stories with a happy ending.

    • Honestly I like Android for its “tinker” factor but I find that I get into the same ROM obsession that i had with WinMo.  This i sin part because new ROM’s are always good but never quite good enough and rarley if ever as smooth and polished as the WP7 device i rely on every day.  In short I play on Android but rely on Windows.

      The only thing i miss on my WP7 device is the built in Navigation, or even the TomTom software i had on WinMo.

  • My only issues with Windows Phone as it is today are the following:

    – Gmail doesn’t delete emails but simply archives, so you think they’re deleted but they’re still in the All Mail label;
    – Even with the non-free NextGen Reader, the Google Reader experience is not as good as on Android;
    – Many important apps are far behind those on Android or iOS: for instance Yelp doesn’t even allow users to login!
    – When under Wi-Fi, data connection automatically goes off when the screen is off, and there’s no option to change it: forget about push notifications while at home/office/fav cafè using a Wi-Fi network!

    Plus Lumias also miss tethering and notification LED, which are included in other WP7 devices.

    For the rest I agree: once the Marketplace will be more populated with quality apps and a few fixes are done, WP will be a very strong contendant.
    (I currently own a Nokia Lumia 800 and an HTC Radar, next to a few Android devices)

  • Philip Nowlan

    I have a Nokia Lumia 800 that I use for work and an Samsung Omnia both running Windows Phone 7 (Mango) and I could not agree more with Niky.

  • Unmatched for gaming?? That’s a big call! I like wp7, had the lumia 800 myself, perfect form/size from my perspective. I dont see wp7 being a big hit until they flood the lower levels, reduce the app prices, and bolster the app store.Just my thoughts.

  • Craig

    I played with the Lumia 800 and was happy with how easy it was to use….very smooth.

    I can sum my time up with it, as follows:

    Responsive and smooth UI
    Quite Unique interface
    Brilliant Social and Gaming interaction

    Weird if coming from any other platform (but that’s not unique to this device)
    Can get a little bland in terms of colours/configurability
    Suffers from the same “connect to machine and update” rigmarole as Apple devices!

    • Craig, I’m not sure what you consider weird but what you cal lbland i call clean and not having the layers of eyewash of other OS’s is why WP7 can provide the silky smooth performace on a single core cpu that other platforms require quad cores to match.

      I agree about the connect to machine model as an issue and i dont even want to get started on Zune…it i salmsot as bad as iTunes just without the bugs.

  • Steve

    WP7 is too little, too late.

    • Wow Steve, do much original thinking?


      Funny thing is that this is the same sort of thing people
      said about iOS when it appeared.  Whether
      you’re looking at apps or functionality iOS ramped up much more slowly than WP7
      is so I disagree, there is plenty of time. 
      That is unless you’re referring to the Mayan calendar?

      • Steve

        Too little too late is my thought on WP7 in a nutshell. Sure iOS may have ramped up much more slowly but Microsoft can’t afford to do that because there is much more competition now. Something they really need to do is take a look at the cost of apps on their marketplace.

  • Anonymous

    @william N totally agree with you re rom obsession. before my htc titan i had an hd2. that thing was tweaked to within an inch of its life with custom wm6.5 roms, then android on sd card then nand roms of android and wp7.5. since moving to my titan i have absolutely no need to play with new roms. i’ve been running this thing stock for over 4 months and it just behaves so well i’m not tempted to change…

  • Anonymous

    If you’re looking for mobile gaming then its unmatched really,”

    My Xperia Play begs to differ there ;P

  • Mike Moore86

    I’ve owned an HTC Arrive from Sprint for a year and the only disappointment I have with the WP7 system is that Sprint won’t allow the disappearing keyboard fix to be downloaded. I love the system and have found apps that replaced my WM apps although I did like the ability to sync with my laptop (although I also remember hating Activesync). 

    I’ve never tried Android and have used my daughter’s iPhone 4S a few times. The iPhone seems like its a decent phone and operating system. My main concern is will WP7 be around in a year when I look to get a new phone and will Sprint still offer a WP7 phone? WP7 has had a difficult time gaining traction and I was hoping it would be further ahead than it is by now.