Nokia Lumia 710 going rather cheap at Carphone Warehouse

The guys over at Nokia Innovations have spotted a bargain on the Nokia Lumia 710 on pay as you go. Basically you can get the device on either Vodafone or T-Mobile for £129.95 plus a £10 top up. Quite a bargain if you ask me. Especially if you are one of those many people who fancy trying out Windows Phone but without a huge cost.

Nokia Lumia 710 going rather cheap at Carphone Warehouse

Source – Carphone Warehouse 

Via – Nokia Innovations

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  • Craig

    See I do like Windows Phone 7 although I don’t own a device currently, but Nokia don’t help themselves shipping something that looks like it could be found in a “Fisher Price” section of the Argos catalogue!

    • Mitch

      I agree it isn’t a great colour combination in the advert, but you get a choice of colour options with the Nikia 710 so it doesn’t have to be an issue. Mine arrived with a Black facia and Black Back cover which I later changed for Cyan.

      • Mitch

        Oops, I obviously meant Nokia not Nikia!

  • Anonymous

    i want to see a Nikia 710. sounds even more of a toy than its fisher price photo above /sarc

  • r sanderson

    I have the 800 and got my dad girlfriend the 710 I was expecting it to be like the old nokia express music. But it is fabusly finished. Much nicer to hold and feel than any Taiwanese or Korean brand.

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