Keep Calm with this app for Windows Phone

You’ve probably seen those Keep Calm posters around. Originally used during the war to raise spirits, but now these days they appear on a huge variety of things like posters and collectables. Well this app lets you create your own posters.

You can choose from a selection of colours, change the text, change the background or add different icons. You can then save the picture or share it to a social network. Or even just use it as a wallpaper. Here are some shots of the apps.

Keep Calm with this app for Windows PhoneKeep Calm with this app for Windows Phone Keep Calm with this app for Windows Phone Keep Calm with this app for Windows Phone

Here is the developers press release.

Keep Calm is a Windows smartphone app packed full of creative features, giving you the chance to create your very own iconic “Keep Calm and Carry On” image.

Originally a propaganda poster produced in 1939, at the beginning of World War II, by the British government, the poster was intended to boost the morale of the British public in the event of invasion. In 2000 the poster was re-discovered, and now you can spot it on anything from t-shirts to mouse mats.  These days people have been getting pretty creative with their own twists on the classic design, so now is the time for you to have a go at it yourself!

Once downloaded, you have the choice of 33 custom icons, ranging from moustaches to laptops.  When you have crafted your slogan of choice, customise your text with 21 different colours and gradients.  Next step, choose your background colour, from a wide range of options, or even pick from a selection of flags. If this isn’t enough, have a go at a variety of background effects, with the option of solid, linear and radial gradients.

Once you’re finished creating your slogan, share it with friends on Facebook with a tap of the screen/click of a button and wait for the Likes to roll in! If you decide to create a few, they will all go into one convenient folder dedicated to your Keep Calm creations. Not into posting on Facebook? Show your slogan off to your followers on twitter and wait for the re-tweets to appear thick and fast.

Overall this app is good for amusement. It allows you to play about with enough to totally create your own poster. Yet still retain the same feel. It is available in several versions at the moment, a free version with adverts, a trial version and the paid version. The paid version is the best as you can get all of the options enabled within the app. It cost 79p on the Marketplace.

Marketplace link – keep calm