HTC One X and One S on T-Mobile from Thursday

HTC One X and One S on T Mobile from Thursday

A fairly brief but self-explanatory email has just popped in from T-Mobile. They’ll be retailing the excellent HTC One X and the slim One S from this Thursday, so if you’re reaching the end of your contract or you’re looking to switch, check their site to get your name down.

The One X will be free on a 2-year, £41 per month plan. The One S will be free on a 2-year, £36 per month plan. Further details below, and don’t forget to check the up-close specials of both handsets on the links lower down.

T-Mobile announces today that the new HTC One X and One S will be available in store, online and via telesales from next Thursday, 5 April. The HTC One X will be available free on a £41 per month, 24 month plan, and the HTC One S will be free on a £36 per month, 24 month plan.

Links – Pre-order (T-Mobile)HTC One XHTC One S

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  • Gabriel

    What are the best SIM-only deals out there?

    • Anonymous

      Have a look on Clove, Expansys or Unlocked-mobiles. You might also want to have a look at our contract / pay as you go comparison …

      Leigh Geary
      On Apr 2, 2012 10:32 AM, “Disqus”

      • Gabriel

        Thanks Gears

        One query I have (and I suspect many others will as well) is that I have a SIM card in my current Desire. How do I use this phone that needs a microSIM. Do I have to ask Orange for a new one? I bet they’ll charge! 

        • Anonymous

          Orange should allow you to get a replacement microSIM free of charge if you are upgrading your contract.