CyanogenMods 2011 April Fool lives on

A year and one day ago the most widely used after market firmware for Android, CyanogenMod, pulled an Aprils fool prank. For one day only they decided to change the name of their software to ‘TehUberDuckDistro’ and for one set of nightly releases all CyanogenMod devices looked as it does to the right.

The best bit of this story is that there are still people out there actually using this infamous variant of CyanogenMod on a regular basis. This is a download which was only available for download on one day!

So either these people enjoyed CyanogenMod’s joke a bit too much or they just can’t be bothered to update to a newer version of the rom. Either way CyanogenMod’s team member,┬áRicardo Cerqueira had this to say of them:

“I accidentally noticed, while checking something entirely different in our stats data, that 29 people are still running TDUD today. That one year-old, one-shot nightly is still in use, and I want to meet these 29 people just to shake their hands.”

Those 29 individuals, are either extremely dedicated to their device and the lovely orange coloured duck theme which runs on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread or they don’t understand that this is a joke. I must admit, for whatever reason, I am a bit jealous there is no way for me to get my own hands on this very exclusive variant of a CyanogenMod’s software!


Via AndroidCommunity