Are HTC going to make a media player?

The iPod Touch is a great product. Over the years millions of people have bought them to be able to play games, listen to music or watch films on. The price of the smallest capacity device has really opened it up to so many people. These days most kids, adults and grandparents have them (maybe). The iPod Touch is all over the place.

Similar Android devices are few and far between. In the olden days you had the Archos 5, which was great for music and video but the resistive touch screen made gaming annoying. Archos never really replaced it in their current ranges preferring to go for larger tablets. Samsung have also made a few 5″ Galaxy player devices which have been well received.

So it is little surprise that HTC want in on the action now, they have filed a new patent application and here are some of the drawings. I shows a device with a kickstand and slide out speakers like the HTC Surround.

Are HTC going to make a media player?Are HTC going to make a media player? Are HTC going to make a media player?

It certainly looks like it will be a nice device. The speakers would be great, especially if they use some of that Beats technology. The kickstand would also make it a great device for watching films etc. I would find something like this great for taking on holiday. Having the various games, books and films that I had bought on my other devices would be great.

The fact the Google Play has really started to up the anti with it’s offerings also probably plays a part in this devices inception. All we need in the UK is for Google to actually let us buy music and let is sync across devices. Maybe one day.

So would you buy one of these? Do you think HTC will get the pricing wrong like they initially did with the Flyer. Will you just put your phone in flight mode to recreate this experience? Let us know.

Source – PatentBolt