Snapdragon try to tell us something about their CPU

Snapdragon have put out this promotional video showing one phone travelling around the world. It did the trip in one charge and filmed various wacky bits in between as you can see below.

Now…. battery life is always a pain point for smartphone users, so initially we were amazed by this. “Wow, it’s filming stuff, going into a box to fly to London, filming more stuff, then flying off again!”

The actual nuts and bolts of this advert don’t make it quite so amazing though. First up, although we don’t know what phone was used (other than it’s a “commercially available smartphone with a Snapdragon CPU”), we do know that it had an extended battery. Doah. We also know that the phone was turned off during locations. Double-doah.

So, we’re confused. Is this video REALLY saying that you can film 2 minutes worth of video on a modern smartphone? Because, hey, we kinda already knew that….

..still, the song is quite good..

Links – YouTubeSnaodragon (Facebook)
Credit – Eric Bay