ICS Arrives on the Galaxy SII.. What’s your opinion?

ICS Arrives on the Galaxy SII.. Whats your opinion?

With the latest and greatest Android OS now appearing on many Galaxy SII handsets we have to ask the question – do you like the new version?

I know many of us are creatures of habit, so change isn’t always good. I’ve seen several people getting annoyed at updates on other phones just because the lock screen has changed in some way.

There’s lots to like about it, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. Give us a yell on the comments section !

Credit – Paul Emery

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  • i think it’s ridiculous that Samsung has made ABSOLUTELY ZERO changes with Touchwiz. It’s still the same old crap, you barely realize you run ICS. Thank god for custom ROMs

    • Adamtreier

      ICS isn’t about the interface, it’s about memory, application, battery, and bandwidth mangement. It’s about Speed, better voice control, a better web browser, software buttons, improved notifications, did I mention speed?

      Touchwiz and any other launcher is just what your device looks like (with the exception of Sense which messes with parts of Android in a bad way).

      • Realy

        are you kidding? The interface is beautiful and in my opinion, that’s a major upgrade from previous version. I agree with you on the rest of the stuff you mentioned. 

        • Adamtreier

          The stock ICS launcher is nice… better than GingerBread and Touchwiz, but there are always better options (Like Go, Launcher Pro, or ADW)…

          I was really just trying to point out that the fact that Samsung didn’t do anything with TouchWiz isn’t really what Samsung was looking to do… they just want to give people the latest version of the OS without having them re-learn how to use the UI (which I don’t mind, but lots of people don’t like changing their habits)

      • Patch

        if ICS isnt about interface why did it take so long to get to us ….. im begining to see the Android model fail and they need to sort it out….

  • Dibbs

    Never mind Samsung, whatever happened to the ICS update for my Sensation XE?

  • Scott

    Its A shame they haven’t released it for UK UN-branded sets yet 

  • Paul_emery

    So far things are much faster and all seems to be working well, also I haven’t noticed the phone randomly rebooting for no reason like it did before ICS

  • I am seeing a reduced battery life from my one full day of experience with it (not running the Touchwiz interface, I am running the Go Launcher Ex, just wish you could get the vanilla ICS interface as a download). I like the new mail features and the face unlock works about 80% of the time, which is actually good enough when backed up with a PIN. I also had some Font quality issues but this was because I had been playing and reverting the default did the trick.

  • I’m normally one to upgrade straight away but the fact Sky go doesnt work with ICS has held me off….. I’m waiting for this to be on my tab now…

    Re the browser improvements – until there is a home button ( as I have an online menu for quick access ) I wont be using it and I know I’m not the only one.