Accessory Review: ZooGue Capacitive Stylus

Here at CoolSmartPhone we love peripherals and accessories for our devices. As Leigh’s recent videos on device stands have shown, we love those that are simple but effective even more!

Enter the ZooGue Stylus. This device is primarily sold for iPad devices however can be used on any capacitive screened device. I was looking for something simple to use on my Motorola Xoom as I look to use that particular device more for my daily work.

The device arrived in nice little test tube type packaging with the Stylus itself firmly inserted into each end. It has a ballpoint pen on one end which is revealed by twisting the bottom section of the Stylus, and a black rubber top which is used to navigate on the capacitive device.

Not only did the inclusion of an actual pen come as a surprise, but so did the ease of use of this accessory. It works flawlessly and makes note taking on tablet devices a breeze.

The real reason for featuring this on the site is the fact that the first 50,000 units to be sold can be picked up for just the P&P price thanks to the handy code provided on the ZooGue website. Not only is it a competent little accessory, but it’s a bargain too!

This accessory has revitalised my Xoom usage and has saved me a few pennies in buying a new device. Long live these little treasures!

Links: ZooGue