iPhone 5 to get 4.6″ display?

iPhone 5 to get 4.6 display?
There are reports/rumours coming out of South Korea this morning that Apple has decided the next iPhone will have a 4.6″ display and has placed orders with its manufacturing partners.

LG and Samsung have made displays for iPhones in the past, and they are keeping schtum, but this does fit with timelines for a new iPhone later in the year.

The story is coming from some quite mainstream sources, so looks distinctly possible, but that’s a big jump from the current screen size.

Would a 4.6″ screen encourage you to buy the next iPhone?


LinkReuters story

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  • too big, 4.3 max for me

  • ItemSize

    It’s about time they made the screens bigger.  I’ve never understood why you’d have such high resolution on small screens.  Now that Jobs is no longer around it may be that Apple are going to actually look at the market to see what people actually want, rather than just tell them what they want.

    iSheeple becoming people??? Possibly.  Who knows?

    • john

      just shows you know nothing about apple iphone and steve jobs stick to your galaxy note ….

      • ItemSize

        What was wrong with what I said?  It was a serious comment.  And you forgot to put /troll at the end of your post.

    • Just saying….

      Telling them what they want has worked pretty well so far :)

  • iBrick

    ibricks for everyone yay!

  • Stupidity

    too big – I want  a phone that will fit in my pocket please.

  • Anonymous

    had loads of iphone people take the piss out of my htc titan. just wait until the iphone has the same screen – suddenly it will become the perfect size :-)