Android App Review: WeatherFlow

Well we all know there is no shortage of Weather apps available for Android in the market….sorry, “Play store”.

WeatherFlow however is different to some you may be used to.  Its a bit more simplistic and does exactly what it says on the tin….shows you the weather bases on location (GPS or manually added).

If you are after a Weather app with bells and whistles then you are out of luck here.  However if you want something reliable, simple, and above all, beautiful…you’re in luck.

I quickly added my home town upon launching and added my favourite place, NYC, quickly following it. Within a couple of seconds I was being treated to the representation of a clear spring day to accurately show the weather in my area. The vista was quite sweet actually and you can swipe through different views too.

Hourly or Daily forecasting is also displayed on the same screen meaning its a one stop shop for the data you’re going to need!

The app also comes with a couple of Widgets allowing you to view the data without launching the app itself.

As stated above, its the simplicity that makes this application stand out. It doesn’t suffer from complicated menus or settings depths and it simply does what’s required. This might also be a downside for those wanting that extra something special from their apps.

One downside we did find was the lack of Tablet support….however we’re sure this will be rectified as the developer, Distinction Ltd, continue to work on their offerings.

WeatherFlow is available from the Play Store now, priced at a reasonable £1.29. Check it out.

Links: WeatherFlowDistinction Ltd

Android App Review: WeatherFlow

Android App Review: WeatherFlow

Android App Review: WeatherFlow