HTC buys MOG? Spotify beware!

HTC clearly have a thing for audio at the moment, best shown buy their $300 million purchase of Dr Dre’s Beats Audio, and the subsequent highly rated integration into their new products.

So that’s the sound taken care of, but what about content?

Well looks like HTC have their chequebook out again and are rumoured to be in the final stages of a deal to buy US based music subscription service MOG.

Known for the quality of its streaming, MOG would seem a logical addition to the Beats tech in new HTC phones, and in theory is something that could be rolled out to existing handsets.

This is all rumour at the moment, so don’t count any chickens yet, but seems the deal is immanent, and would be a good addition to HTC’s portfolio. In particular this looks like it would counter Sony’s Music Unlimited service, and could (I’m speculating here), be a clear USP if this makes it onto HTC’s Windows Phone devices. Now that could be good…



LinkBusiness Insider