CoolSmartPhone Goes 4G LTE

Thanks to the kind team at O2, I have managed to get myself onto the very limited trial of 4G LTE in London currently being run by O2 UK who are owned by Telefonica. Currently a 40km section of the capital has been enabled with this new LTE technology which promises speeds up to and around 100Mbs!, far far superior to anything we have seen on HSPA+ at the moment

CoolSmartPhone Goes 4G LTE

CoolSmartPhone Goes 4G LTE

In fact when in Barcelona we were lucky enough to witness LTE from Telefonica running at a top speed of 97.7Mbs at one point.

CoolSmartPhone Goes 4G LTE

Again I must stress this is a trial with limited places so we are very grateful to O2 for allowing us to take part and show off the future of mobile phone technology.

The picture above is of the Samsung B3730 dongle which is the device that will allow me to get super fast speeds on my laptop.

Normal setup was easy plugging in the device after downloading some software from a trial site as I have a Mac computer and we were up and running!.  The SIM card is only enabled for 4G signals so I cannot test where I am right now.

I will be in London for a few days next week just for getting the 4G signal needed for this to work and to show off the speeds possible so check back on Thursday and Friday for coverage on LTE.

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  • Moo Moo Head

    I live on the blue part of that map, you can give it to me and I will check everyday :)
    I know you have this site and it is important for o2 to get web coverage and advertisement for their 4G trials, especially with Orange announcements lately, but would it not be better for someone constantly living in the areas to have it then report back.
    Also, the speeds you will receive will surely not be representative since very few people will be accessing it, and the speeds will therefore be top notch?
    I am not jealous at all :)

  • Capt. Bovril

    If we could get that out in the sticks then I’ll be impressed. However, I won’t hold my breath.

  • Eleanor Roberts

    I’m a graphic artist by trade, and whether exploring an idea or sketching for a client the 4GLTe speed comes in handy (I have it in New York City with AT&T). I imagine it might be the same for architects, mechanical or aerospace engineers, or anyone else who deals with visual ideas on a frequent basis