ICS now Available For SGS2 Three Customers

No we don’t mean just 3 customers out of the millions all around the world, of course we mean the network Three here in the UK. They have today announced that Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is now available for customers to download onto their Galaxy S2 devices.

ICS now Available For SGS2 Three Customers

It seems that Three have managed to get this update out before even the generic sim free devices have been able too which is quite amazing considering the process involved.

Link: Three Tweet

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  • Matt Peddlesden

    Before upgrading your phone, it’s worth removing some stuff and making sure there’s plenty of free space.  My phone failed to upgrade, getting stuck at “installing applications”.  Some lengthy searches around the net from those who have rooted and upgraded seemed to imply it was down to lack of space and to remove apps – difficult when you can’t do anything on the phone!  Only solution was a factory reset.