Xperia S losing power, even when plugged in?

Now, don’t get us wrong, we know that the USB port on your laptop or PC isn’t the most ideal place to put your phone if you need a quick battery charge. It will, at best, provide a “trickle charge” but isn’t as good as the usual wall charger. On my own phone it’ll keep the charge static under heavy use, and charges quite happily (if a little slowly) otherwise.

But, we’re a little surprised to see the problems that Jamie Wright is having with his new Xperia S. Even with the screen off, he’s finding that the phone uses the battery faster than the USB power output from his laptop can recharge it.

I’m sat in work, phone is plugged into my USB port to top up the charge. Guess what – even without the screen on the battery is going down.

He’s provided this screenshot and there, at the bottom, you can see when the battery is receiving charge. However, up top, there’s a distinct ski-slope even when the screen is off…

Xperia S losing power, even when plugged in?

Now, this could be some nasty background app that’s gone onto overdrive, so we need to ask the question, are any other Xperia S owners having the same issue? Let us know!

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