Nokia release another Lumia only app, this time called Creative Studio

If you are a Lumia owner you have probably noticed how there are a few apps made by Nokia on your device and also in the Marketplace. Well this week they have added another one.

It’s called Creative Studio and it pre applies filters to photos, applies the same filters to existing photos and it also allows you to take panorama shots as well.

The filters are the sort of thing you would expect. There are 6 different “Face Warps” to choose from and 6 different “Live Styles” which are called sketch, dreamy, night vision, cartoon, colour and silk screen.

It’s nice having all of these filters built into one app and a free one at that. You can also apply a set of filters to photos you have already taken as well.

Having a panorama function built in as well is really useful also. It allows you to stitch together 4 pictures, which it does pretty quickly.

The My Nokia Blog team have made a video showcasing the app. Check it out below.

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Source – Nokia Blog

You could try this link here. Lumia owners only though and the link will only work on your device. The joy of owning a Nokia Windows Phone.