Sony LiveView bargain – today only


Sony LiveView bargain   today only

Remember the Sony LiveView?

It was like a watch, but a bluetooth accessory that connects to any Android phone, showing texts, emails and various other features through plug ins available from the Android Market (sorry, Google Play shop!).

Original costing a fairly steep £70, have a today only special deal for £12.99 including free delivery.

So grab yourself a bargain – got to be worth £13!

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  • Done! Why not. :-p

  • Purchased!

  • Steve
    • Snarling Rabbit

       Yeah! maybe, but for £13 (2.5 pints of beer round my way) its worth it- lol. Just ordered, thanks for the heads up Adrian.

  • Scott

    Cant create an account on website for shipping to US

  • Alan Mersom


  • Andy Tullett

    Liked the look of these and at this price it’s silly not to get one, be nice to see what it can be made to do. Thanks for the heads up  :)

  • Matt Peddlesden

    Have to say, it’s not worth £13 either.  Had the potential to be a cracking good idea but it just never worked for me at all, except for an odd hour or two here and there.  No use if it keeps losing connection and then won’t reconnect again.
    Shame, at £13 it ought to have been a total steal, but sorry, even at £13 it’s no use as a paperweight because it’s too light!

  • Although it never reached the potential it could, I still like mine, boosted by all the plug ins you can get on the Play Market. Useful when you’ve got your phone in your pocket, its raining & you want to know whether or not you need to dig it out for that e-mail you just heard arrive. 
    However its a bugger to keep on the wrist strap – if anyone comes across an after market strap for it post here please! 

  • Richardscorer

    Got one, and is working fine with the Galaxy Nexus.

    Suprising considering the reviews….

  • got one and i love it!!! got it working with iphone 4 ( jailbroken ), exhibit 2, GS2 and GS3