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I have been slowly getting used to Ice Cream Sandwich. At times it feels like Google have just took Honeycomb and squashed it onto a phone. The widgets I used to use on my Honeycomb tablets are still present, which is nice but at times I think about the time I got a HTC Hero. I first booted it up and was blown away by the variety of widgets that HTC Sense was offering me. This is the feeling I wanted to recapture on my Galaxy Nexus.

I came across Android Pro Widgets a while ago. I was mainly looking for a nice agenda widget, a bookmarks widget and a contacts widget. I installed this app and off I went with my new widgets. Android Pro Widgets has the following widgets built in Agenda & Calendar, People, Bookmarks, Messaging, Facebook, Twitter & Timeline (Facebook + Twitter) [License required].

Once I moved over to Ice Cream Sandwich my first thought was “I wonder if they have made it ICS compatible yet?” and boy was I pleased to realise they had. Once I had it installed and setup I felt the standard theme of the app just didn’t look right. Whilst looking through the settings I saw a mention of themes. The themes only work if you have paid for the license key.  Which is £1.58 which I felt for the quality and stability of the app was not a problem. I had a quick look through the play store and found a variety of themes. Including a few ICS themed ones. Once I had all of this installed I now had widgets that followed the feel of the rest of my device.

Coolsmartphone Recommended Android app   Android Pro WidgetsCoolsmartphone Recommended Android app   Android Pro WidgetsCoolsmartphone Recommended Android app   Android Pro WidgetsCoolsmartphone Recommended Android app   Android Pro Widgets

Android Pro Widgets is a really useful app without having to pay. It’s just my wanting to theme everything that got in the way. Having scrollable widgets for contacts, calendar and bookmarks for me is perfect. I never really use widgets from social apps, they always seem stunted compared to the main app.

So if your missing you Sense widgets or you want some more functional ICS widgets then start clicking these links below.

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