Data Security: Lock your smartphone

Data Security: Lock your smartphone

There’s a great article from Bloomsberg Business week that I wanted to share, involving a study with Symantec on what people do with your lost smartphone once they get their hands on it. As part of the study,  Symantec ‘lost’ a total of 50 phones in the US loaded with enticing data and software to track what people accessed.

The results are unsurprisingly really, the majority of phones were properly rifled through before either being wiped and disappearing without a trace or in half the cases, returned within a couple of weeks.

For as long as I can remember, phones have had the ability to be secured with PINs and now patterns, passwords and your actual face are all options. But how many of us actually use them?

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  • Billinge

    I have a slight annoyance on my new ICS based Nexus S relating to security.  On my old Froyo based HTC Wildfire, I could set a PIN to unlock, but set it on a timed basis, so if I did not use my phone for 30secs swipe to unlock would enable, but then after say 5 minutes PIN to unlock would enable.  I can find no such function on ICS.  It can either lock with swipe to unlock or PIN to unlock, or Pattern to unlock or Password to unlock, but not a combination.
    Has anyone any idea how a combination can be achieved?
    I want my screen to go off after 15-30 secs, but don’t want to have to put a PIN in every couple of minutes.  Any suggestions would be gratefully received.  No rooting options please ;-0

  • Alan Mersom

    I see what you mean, best I have managed is to have the phone sleep after 15 seconds and have auto lock set to x minutes after sleep – means you can just hit the power button without having to unlock but this of course has the potential for dialling people from your pocket :-