Hello again Orange data users

Hello again Orange data usersIf you’re looking at this on an Orange data connection then hello! This afternoon a large portion of the UK lost any sort of data connection. It wasn’t just traffic, there was no 3G or GPRS logo at all. Switching to the T-Mobile network didn’t do anything either.

The outage seems to have taken a number of hours to fix, but everything appears to be back on again now.

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  • daniel

    It didnt seem to affect people using Orange signal share (Me included) ive been connected for over 18 Hours.

    • Anonymous

      I’m on Signal Share too and tried forcing it to Orange-TMobile but still nothing.

      And yes, they do need a status page.

      Leigh Geary

      • Martin Clinton

        Hadn’t cosidered twitter actually, but that’s blocked from my work PC, so the main orange page would have helped….I wondered about that ‘conor from orange’ on twitter, but that seems to have been terminated, replaced by the ‘orange helpers’ as above.

  • Martin Clinton

    I was in central London and thought my SIM had gone on the fritz as I put it into another phone, still no signal. I logged onto http://www.orange.co.uk using a work PC but there was nothing there (surely they could have put up a banner telling people of 3g issues?), and only when I called 150 did they admit there was a problem….does anyone know of a website that reports service outages etc.?

  • John

    Maybe caused by the Sun’s coronal mass ejection that has just deluged the Earth in charged particles ?? They said it could disrupt electrical and electronic systems sp perhaps more than a coincidence.