MWC – Lumia 900 Hands On Photos

The Lumia 900 is not a handset which was announced at Mobile World Congress this year, it was announced at CES in Las Vegas back in January as a AT&T LTE exclusive device for their new network.

What Nokia have done though is replace the LTE radio with a new HSPA+ version and are making it available in more places around the world, UK included.

This Lumia 900 features a large 4.3 inch touch screen, Windows Phone running the latest version out of the box.  It also has an 8 megapixel camera and 16GB of internal memory

Something which I was very happy to see and report back yesterday was the Lumia 900 features ´Internet Sharing´ which is WiFi tethering support straight away so if you have a good data plan that allows tethering you can now use the Lumia 900 for this