EXCLUSIVE: Xperia S In Barcelona Tomorrow

We have exclusive news that the new Sony Xperia S will be available to buy here in Barcelona tomorrow in both black and white and it will cost €599 sim free

EXCLUSIVE: Xperia S In Barcelona Tomorrow

The Xperia S features a very impressive set of features which we have already covered on the site with the 12 megapixel camera being the stand out feature

Check back tomorrow for more news and maybe even an unboxing ;)

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  • The Xperia S is a great phone with unique design and cool features! Barcelona’s lucky, really! But the price is a bit too high, even for the Xperia S…

  • I am getting to play with one tonight. I should have one to call my own very very soon

  • Martin Clinton

    I agree about the price. I’ve been a bit of a Sony fan, as they seem to make decent quality phones at reasonable prices, but here they seem to be going into the upper price tiers, it’ll be interesting to see if they can muscle in with the Samsung’s of this world when it comes to selling large numbers of phones at this price level.

    • Gabriel

       agree – price is comparable or higher to HTC One X which is quad core (according to Expansys prices). The One S has similar specs and is quite a bit cheaper.

      However, I suspect that the majority of phone sales are through contracts rather than SIM-free, so the key will be the price at which they sell it to the operators to then tie into a contract (same goes for HTC, Samsung and the others)