MWC – Nokia 808 arrives

The Nokia 808 PureView has just been announced here in Barcelona. Normal stuff really. Nokia phone, running Symbian, 41 megapixel camera.

.. pardon?

Yes, we figured this was worth covering, even though it’s not iOS, Android or Windows Phone – a 41 megapixel camera. That’s kinda raising the bar by quite some distance, then taking the bar and sticking it in a plane. Couple this with the Carl Zeiss optics and, well, it’s a bit of a phone.

Specs include 16GB of storage, further storage through the microSD card, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, HDMI, DLNA, NFC, GPS, FM transmitter and a ClearBlack 640×360 AMOLED screen.

Oh and yes, we did say Symbian.

Link – Nokia 808 Specs

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