MWC – Nokia 808 arrives

The Nokia 808 PureView has just been announced here in Barcelona. Normal stuff really. Nokia phone, running Symbian, 41 megapixel camera.

.. pardon?

Yes, we figured this was worth covering, even though it’s not iOS, Android or Windows Phone – a 41 megapixel camera. That’s kinda raising the bar by quite some distance, then taking the bar and sticking it in a plane. Couple this with the Carl Zeiss optics and, well, it’s a bit of a phone.

Specs include 16GB of storage, further storage through the microSD card, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, HDMI, DLNA, NFC, GPS, FM transmitter and a ClearBlack 640×360 AMOLED screen.

Oh and yes, we did say Symbian.

Link – Nokia 808 Specs

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  • Moo Moo Head

    Ahh, it is such a shame that Nokia went with WP, as although Symbian was a lost cause in its original state, Belle actually looks quite good and is very usable for an average Joe, like me.
    An Meego looked good also, combine them and it would have been terrific, However the App store is I guess the weakest point, maybe they could have done something like RIM has done with Android apps, ah, we will never know. Since I personally do not like WP OS, but I love Nokia, it is such a shame. Then this phone comes out and I think, ahhhh! If they translate this beast of a camera to WP I might be tempted.
    Does anyone know if they have a patent for this camera technology?
    The other manufacturers must be saying… WTF!

  • Falky

    @3f6eecac2b3119ca79c12613d7cc6ac1:disqus misses the point about Nokia partnering with Microsoft. Do you actually think that Nokia would have partnered with anyone if they could have avoided it? To rewrite your opening sentence – it is sooo thankful that Nokia went with WP. Why is this? Well if they didn’t then Nokia would be facing the prospect of being a lost cause along with Symbian. At least this way the possibility exists to improve the fortunes of both. I don’t take issue with Moo Moo Head though for saying that they “personally do not like WP” because everyone has their opinion but to say suggest that it is a shame for everyone is pure folly, lacking in business sense and common sense.