MWC – HTC One X Full specs leaked

Well, we knew it was going to be good, but now the full specs seem to confirm that too.

More pictures of the device are now available, plus we understand that new owners will get themselves 25 GB of Dropbox storage completely free for two years.

FullGSM have the latest leak, which details the HTC One X as having a 4.7″ HD res super LCD2 screen, quad-core NVIDIA 1.5GHz Tegra 3 CPU and apparently Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.0 will be ready out of the box.

Some rather clever camera technology will let you record 1080p HD video and snap 8 megapixel photos at the same time.

Link – FullGSM

MWC   HTC One X Full specs leaked
MWC   HTC One X Full specs leaked

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  • eddie cooper

    Nice try but without microSD I’m out. There really is no excuse for leaving it off. Half my waking time I don’t have good phone signal or broadband so cloud storage is not an alternative. I already use a 32GB card in my HD2 & need something with enough capacity to last me the full 2 years of my contract; for me to grow into. Why has HTC created a “hero” device with the same flaw as the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Simon

    i thought i “needed” micro sd but since moving to an htc titan and using a bit of common sense about what i put on the phone i’m finding 16GB built in is just fine. right now there are about 20 cds, 50 hours of podcasts and about 10 hours of video on there and i have 5 GB free space. how much on tap entertainment is enough? that’s plenty for me :-)

    • Anonymous

      Swapping things in and out is a nuisance and a comprise.  For those that are happen with minimum storage that’s fine but the option of an SDcard is extremely useful for those of us that want it.  Once I get a phone with 64GB or more I will care a lot less but my music collection alone is over 32gig and I want it all on there all the time.  Not to mention games, video and pictures.

  • Patch

    why do i need quad core ??????? i can see the battery being really power and what apps or OS will the quad core benift… fo rme its not about the cpu anymore dual is enough its about call/battery and camrea …..

  • photoREVERIE

    What is a Pogo Pin Connector?

  • Gabriel

    incredible that HTC let specs leak so easily. Would never see this with Apple. Takes surprise away a bit. Still, looking forward v much. Agree, 32 GB more than enough. Can always move stuff off phone to computer via HTC Sync. 

  • Rockjunkie

    I like spec would like SD card but currently have 32gb card in dhd and have space available, but would like to know if camera Geo tag uses GPS or mobile network, as desire had GPS but desire HD did not so pic location very poor, will wait for Samsung galaxy s3 spec to see if they have SD card!

  • Snarling Rabbit

    SD card ommision is a mistake. I have 32gb card in my Desire S and have 8gb left. If 32gb is enough why is 64gb iPhone available? People store almost everthing on their phones now. I stream music to my car, home computer, work computer and carry my files to and from work via the phone ( I dont need the cloud). Camera looks interesting. Apart from the obvious speed and the “Beats” I cant see what the fuss is about as my Desire S pretty much does what this does since the update. It worries me that none of these manufacturers are making top spec 3.2″ or 3.7″ devices anymore. This trend can’t be good for battery life.

    • Gpollara

       agree entirely. Why does smaller screen nowadays have to mean lower specs (including screen resolution?